Friday, October 31, 2014

New vintage furniture just unpacked at Vamp - 31 October 2014

A beautiful vintage Peacock chair made of wicker and cane
Height of back – 145cm | Height of seat – 44cm| Diameter of seat – 50cm 

A mid-century sideboard made with Sapele and Mahogany woods. Manufactured by South African company, Duros
Length – 152cm | Depth – 46cm | Height – 80cm 

Mid-century Willow chair manufactured by South African company Frystark. Made of Sapele and Mahogany woods with a plywood back and seat
Height of back – 78cm | Height of seat – 45.5cm  | Size of seat – 44.5cm x 43cm

Mid-century Sapele and Mahogany two tier coffee table with a black glass inlay. This table was manufactured by local South African company Bakker and Steyger
119cm x 53cm | Height – 40cm 

Sturdy solid oak two drawer flip top desk. Manufactured in the 1960’s by South African company Frystark
Length – 121cm | Depth – 49.5cm | Height – 75cm 

Two very retro wooden bar units, with original yellow Formica on the counter tops. These two can be joined together to form a bigger bar or separated into two single bars and we are happy to sell them either way
Single: Length – 95cm | Depth – 53cm | Height – 107.5cm

A very beautifully crafted long and heavy solid wood coffee table with an original Formica top in grey with cream star bursts. The Formica has faded a little with age, but this is an absolutely fantastic piece none the less!
174cm x 61cm | H – 41cm 

A small sewing kist with a faux mosaic vinyl top
66cm x 41cm | Height – 60cm 

Small retro dressing table with dark grey accents on the drawers
Length – 107cm | Depth – approx. 43cm | Height to top of dressing table –66cm  | Height to top of mirror – 120cm 

Retro bedside pedestal on original castors with cream accents on the drawers
Length – 39cm | Depth – 46cm | Height to the top shelf – 64cm | Height including raised back edge – 69cm 

We have new Moonbasket hand crocheted lamp shades and carpets in stock.
Carpets – Silver runner 200cm x 90cm @ R5940 + Silver rug 100cm diameter  R3000
Shades: Large Pumpkin shape shades (80cm) @ R3200, small pumpkin shape shade (50cm) @

Thursday, October 30, 2014

New vintage collectables just unpacked at Vamp - 30 October 2014

Mid Century smoky blue and turquoise cased art glass from the Riihimaen Lasi Oy glassworks in Finland
Smokey Blue: Height – 31cm
Tuquoise: Height – 26cm
R395 each 

This decorative Scandinavian Grapponia Vase, was designed in 1968 by Nanny Still and manufactured by Riihimäen Lasi Oy glassworks in Finland. It was in production from 1968 - 1975
14.5cm x 4.5cm | Height – 19cm

A pair of Graponnia Compot on stand. Also designed by Nanny Still and manufactured by Riihimäen Lasi Oy Glass works in Finland. These were in production from 1969 – 1975
Diameter - 16cm | Height - 17cm
R495 each

5 Mid Century Japanese cased art glass vases. A take on the highly collectable Whitefriars glass, but also collectable in their own right.
Approx 4.5cm x 4.5cm | Height – 17.5cm
R120 each 
Two Mid-Century glass vases
Left: Top diameter – 6.5cm | Height – 23cm
Right: Top Diameter – 7.5cm | height 30.5cm
@ R220 each 

Taalari pressed glass ashtray designed in 1966 by Tamara Aladin for Riihimäen Lasi Oy glass works in Finland
11cm x 11cm | Height – 6.9cm

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New vintage collectables just unpacked at Vamp - 29 October 2014

A beautiful minimalist trio of semi matt glazed porcelain teapots with cane handles designed by Ulla Procope in 1953 for Arabia, Finland
2 x Large cream and brown:  Height without handle – 15cm @ R435 each
1 x small black :  Height without handle - 11cm @ R375

A (fairly big) white ceramic horse figurine
Length – 25cm | Height – 13cm

Vintage black enamel pot with a light blue inner and a brass plaque on the lid engraved: Judge Brand 12 PINTS. Very good condition.
Diameter – 22cm | Height including lid 22 cm  

A pair of mid-century Arabia Pomona lidded jam pots. Designed by Ulla Procope with pattern design by Raija Uosikkinen. Made in Finland.
Diameter – 10cm | Height – 8.5cm
R250 each 

A tall Genie jar made in Italy. The stopper rubber has unfortunately worn off, but I don’t think it makes any difference to the look or appeal.
Diameter – 11cm | Height – 57cm

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New vintage collectables just unpacked at Vamp - 28 October 2014

Vintage galvanised fire bucket
Top diameter- 30cm | Height – 28cm

This is a pair of Eugen Sandow's Patent gentlemans Spring Grip Dumb-bells made by Sandow's Grip Dumb Bell Company of Sandow Hall, Bury Street, London, Circa 1903 - 1920.
Length – 16cm  

Vintage concertina style three tier wooden sewing box.
Closed: Length – 43cm | Depth- 23cm  | Height including handle – 30cm all including handle

1970’s fibreglass boogie board. A couple of cracks on the front nose, but fabulous none the less!
90cm x 47cm  

A lovely old Readers Digest World Globe sitting on a teak base
Diameter of wooden base – 18.5cm | Height – 38cm
R 1150

A collection of vintage tins:

12cm x 12cm  | Height – 3cm

Diameter – 18cm | Height – 7cm

Diameter – 19cm | Height – 14cm

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Just arrived! 2015 Essie Letterpress Artist Almanac - 25 Oct 2015

We have been waiting in anticipation for Essie Letterpress to release their 2015 Artists Almanac and we certainly weren't disappointed when we received a beautiful package full of them this week. 

Each year Essie Letterpress showcase some serious South African illustration talent within their letterpress calendar. The 2015 featured artists include Mieke van der Merwe, Inus Pretorius, Jaco Haasbroek, Elise Wessels, Ben Johnston, Robyn Mitchell, Dylan Jones, Johan de Lange, Pearly Yon, Ian Jepson, Pola Maneli and Isaac Kosmides with the cover illustrated by design studio Radio. 

Unlike previous years, the 2015 calendar is unbound, making it easier to frame the prints should you wish and it stands on a wooden base with a peg to keep it all together. 

Paper: Natural evolution white 280g
148mm x 210mm
R400 (That’s a lot of gorgeous prints you get for the price!)

Hurry and order while stocks last!